Instæpe [] 1. m (-es/-as) entrance; 2. see instæpes

instæpes [] adv forthwith, directly, immediately, at the outset, at once

instede [] adv immediately, on the spot, at once

insteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres instepð past instóp/on ptp instapen to go in, enter, step in

instice [] m (-es/-as) internal stitching pain, an inward stitch, a pricking sensation within

instígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres instígð past instág/instigon ptp instigen to climb in

instihtian [] wv/t2 to appoint, arrange, regulate, dispose

inswán [] m (-es/-as) lord’s swineherd, the herd who had charge of the lord’s swineherd

inswógan [] sv/t7 3rd pres inswégð past inswéog/on ptp inswógen to invade

inswógennes [] f (-se/-sa) onrush, a rushing in with a loud sound, violent entrance

intimbrian1 [] wv/t2 to edify, instruct

intinga [] m (-n/-n) matter, affair, business; cause, sake, plea, case; a cause from which a result flows, (1) a thing, (2) a person; reason, account, ground of action; occasion, fitting opportunity; fault; butan ~n in vain, emptily; for ~n w.g. for the sake of…

intó [] prep w.d.a. into, to, against, in; w.d. into (with verbs of going, bearing, sending); (1) w.d. into the possession of; hé sealde twá in Níwe mynstre he sold 2 into the possession on New Monestary; (1a) of political supremacy; (2) implying residence as an inmate; in reference tononphysical regions; in reference to state orcondition; to a person or thing within a place; marking direction; marking position, in w.a. into (with other verbs; sellan ~ léodscipas to sell into other nations); w.i. in; þá ongéaton híe þæt se éadiga Michael him selfa þæt tácn þæs siges gecýðde intó þý swíðan slǽpe then they perceived that the blessed Michael had himself made known that token of victory in the deep sleep.

intrahtnung [] f (-e/-a) interpretation, explanation

intrepettan [] wv/t1b to trip, dance, hop

inþicce [] adj gross, thick

inþínen [] f (-e/-a) female servant

inwaru [] f (-e/-a) services due to the lord on his inland, performance of services due in the case of inland

inwærc [] m (-es/-as) internal pain (1)

inwǽte [] f (-an/-an) internal humor

inweard [] 1. adj internal, interior, inward, inner, intrinsic, deep, sincere, earnest; noun inward parts; the word may generally be rendered by the phrase the inner part of (thenoun with which it agrees); tó inneweardum þǽm wéstene to the inner part of the desert; in the neuter singular and plural, it is used as a noun, intestines, viscera, the inward part; 2. adv within; mentally, spiritually

inweardlic [] adj internal, inward; inner; earnest, sincere; adv ~líce inwardly; deeply, thoroughly, heartily, earnestly

inwendan [] wv/t1b to change

inweorc [] n (-es/-) indoor work

inweorpan[] sv/t3 3rd pres inwierpð past inwearp/inwurpon ptp inworpen to begin (the weft)

inwerod [] n (-es/-) a band of domestics or courtiers, a household

inwidda[] m (-n/-n) adversary, evil one

inwise [] f (-an/-an) condiment (such as mustard)

inwit [] 1. n (-es/-u, -wiotu) evil, deceit, fraud, guile, wickedness; 2. adj wicked, deceitful, guileful, evil, malicious

inwitfeng[] m (-es/-as) spiteful clutch, a wily or malicious grasp

inwitflán[] m (-es/-as) treacherous shaft

inwitful [] adj wicked, crafty, deceitful, guileful, malicious, evil

inwitgecynd [] n (-es/-) a malicious, evil nature

inwitgiest[] m (-es/-as) a guileful, evil guest

inwitgyren[] f (-ne/-na) treacherous snare

inwithlemm [] m (-es/-as) treacherous wound, a stroke treacherously or maliciously given

inwithróf[] m (-es/-as) unfriendly roof, a deceitful, evil roof [the fire-drake’s den]

inwitnett [] n (-es/-) net of treachery or malice

inwitníð2 [] m (-es/-as) cunning hostility, malicious, treacherous enmity

inwitrún [] f (-e/-a) evil, crafty counsel, malicious, guileful counsel

inwitscear[] m (-es/-as) murderous attack, slaughter effected by craft

inwitsearu [] n (-wes/-) artful intrigue, malicious or treacherous artifice

inwitsorh2 [] f (-e/-a) sorrow brought about by malice or guile

inwitspell [] n (-es/-) tale of woe, a tale of evil

inwitstæf2 [] m (-es/-stafas) wickedness, evil, malice

inwitþanc2 [] m (-es/-as) an evil, malicious thought or purpose, hostile intent

inwitwrásn2 [] f (-e/-a) hostile fetter, a chain of guilt or malice

inwræc[] m (-es/-as) internal pain (2)

inwrítere[] m (-es/-as) writer, secretary

inwritting [] f (-e/-a) an inscription

inwudu [] m (-a/-a) private woodland, woodland reserved to the lord

inwund[] f (-e/-a) internal wound, an inward wound

inwunenes [] f (-e/-a) persistence, perseverance

inwunung[] f (-e/-a) residence in, habitation, dwelling

inwyrm[] m (-es/-as) intestinal worm, internal worm

Iob [] m (-es/-as) Job

Iofes [] m (-es/-as) Jove

Iohannes [] m (-es/-as) John; Iohannes se Godspellere, Cristes déorling John the Evangelist, Christ’s darling

ionna[] adv within

íor [] m (-es/-as) name of a river-fish (eel?; name of the rune for io)

Iosue [] m (-es/-as) Joshua

Iotas[] m pl the Jutes

Íraland [] n (-es/-) land of the Irish, Ireland

Íras [] m pl the Irish

íre [] m (-es/-as) a monetary unit

Iringes weg[] m (-es/-as) Milky Way

Írland [] n (-es/-) Ireland